Staff Training Material

This page is intended to share information with the staff regarding Medicaid reimbursements for School Based Services. This may include internal staff training material as well as publilc information obtained from conferences, webinars, etc.  Please contact the Accounting/Data Specialist if you have any questions.

Medicaid SBS 101 Powerpoint

This powerpoint was presented by a group of individuals at the Michigan SBS annual conference in August 2016. It provides an overview of Medicaid, Random Moment Time Studies, Financials, and Transportation. It also contains information regarding audits and resources available to us.

Powerpoint DocumentMedicaid School Based Services 101

Random Moment Time Study

The Random Moment Time Study (RMTS) is a tool used by the State to determine the amount of time staff spends on activities that are in support of the Medicaid SBS Program. If you perform activities related to Medicaid and health-related services, you may randomly be selected to complete a moment. You will receive an email 5 days prior to your moment notifying you of the date and time. It is important that you complete your moment as soon as possible after the time has passed.

Questions asked include: Were you working during your moment? If yes......

  • Who was with you?
  • What were you doing?
  • Why were you doing this activity?
  • Does the student have an IEP in place for the service you were providing?

Be as descriptive as possible so that your answers can be coded correctly. If you receive a request with follow-up questions, answer them as soon as possible. ALL RMTS MUST BE COMPLETED WITHIN 2 DAYS OF YOUR SCHEDULED MOMENT!!! 

PDF DocumentRandom Moment Time Study FAQ

PDF DocumentRMTS Tip Sheet - Direct Service Provider

PDF DocumentRMTS Tip Sheet - Personal Care Provider

PDF DocumentRMTS Tip Sheet - Targeted Case Manager

PowerSchool Special Education (PSSE)

PDF DocumentTienet Quick Reference Guide

PDF DocumentSupervising Staff Service Calendars

PDF DocumentServiceCapture

Video Document Video on Service Capture

PDF DocumentPSSE Service Capture Instructions

Video DocumentPSSE Service Capture 1

Video DocumentPSSE Service Capture 2

PDF DocumentPara's Service Capture Instructions

PDF DocumentApproving Service Records for Supervising Staff